Verb ‘to BE’ – How to Use To Be in English

How to Use To Be in English – Using Be in English Grammar Lesson
The Main Uses of the Verb TO GET in English. Improve your English
Here is an English grammar lesson about the form of the verb “to be”.
Hi, I’m Andrew. In today’s video, I want to tell you about how to use the present tense of the verb to be.
How do we form positive? I am or I’m, you, we, they are or you’re, we’re, they’re.
How do we form negative? I am not or I’m not, you, we, they are not or you aren’t, we aren’t, they aren’t. he, she, it is not or he isn’t, she isn’t, it isn’t. For example, you aren’t at university, he isn’t at home.
How do we from question? Am I, are you, we, they, is he, she, it. For example, are you tired, is she bored?

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